Evidence-Based Budgeting: Making Decisions to Move Wisconsin Forward

fis29_240x240In the wake of the worst recession since the Great Depression, Wisconsin policymakers face a substantial budget shortfall. A recovery is underway, but the Wisconsin Department of Revenue (2010) predicts it will take until mid 2013 for the economy to return to pre-recession levels. For states, next year “could be the worst year of this four- or five-year downturn period,” according to Scott Pattison, Director of the National Association of State Budget Officers. What lessons can be learned from this recession to build more sustainable budgets in the future? This seminar will feature three national experts discussing how evidence can be used to inform state budget decisions. Speakers will describe how Wisconsin’s revenues and expenditures compare with other Midwest states, and present strategies for identifying and investing in evidence-based, cost-effective programs that improve outcomes for children and families.

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Looking Back, Looking Forward: Budget Lessons from Five Midwest States

by David Merriman
Associate Director, Institute of Government and Public Affairs, and Professor of Public Administration, University of Illinois at Chicago

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Using Evidence to Maximize Return on Taxpayer Investment

by Steve Aos
Director, Washington State Institute for Public Policy

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Designing Revenue Policy for Wisconsin’s Future

by William Fox
Director, Center for Business & Economic Research, and Professor, Department of Economics, University of Tennessee, Knoxville

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