Medicaid: Who Benefits, How Expensive is It, and What are States Doing to Control Costs?

fis22_240x240Every state is grappling with the same problem—how to provide Medicaid benefits for vulnerable populations when costs are increasing faster than revenues. Between 2000 and 2003, Wisconsin’s costs grew about 13% annually. Medicaid is a drain on the state budget, but it provided benefits to 807,000 Wisconsin residents or 15% of the population sometime in fiscal year 2004. This seminar will review what other states have done to slow the growth of their Medicaid budgets and raise questions policymakers can use to guide difficult budget decisions.

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Medicaid in a Nutshell

by Martha King
Director of Health Programs, National Conference of State Legislatures

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Perspectives on the Medicaid Cost Problem

by John Holahan
Director, Health Policy Center, Urban Institute

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What States Are Doing to Control Medicaid Costs, and Why It Is So Hard

by Vernon Smith
Principal, Health Management Associates

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Additional Materials

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