A Policymaker’s Guide to School Finance: Approaches to Use and Questions to Ask

fis20_240x240Wisconsin’s school funding formula has been designed to ensure that all school districts, regardless of property tax base, have roughly equitable amounts to spend on education. Yet recent court cases and the increased level of education spending have prompted legislators to shift the school finance debate from a focus on equity per pupil spending to a focus on outcomes such as educational performance. This seminar overviews state initiatives to achieve adequacy in school funding, and identifies questions legislators can ask to evaluate school funding formulas. Also learn about innovative strategies to enhance student achievement outside of the classroom setting, such as early childhood care, out-of-school time, and parent involvement in schooling.

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State Initiative to Achieve Adequacy in School Funding: Why, How, and For What Ends?

by John Augenblick
President, Augenblick, Palaick and Associates, Inc.

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School Performance and Funding in Wisconsin: What Questions Should Legislators Ask?

by Allan Odden
Professor of Educational Administration at the WI Center for Education Research, School of Education, University of Wisconsin-Madison

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Beyond the School Door: Complementary Learning Opportunities that Support Student Achievement and Development

by Heather Weiss
Director of the Harvard Family Research Project, Harvard Graduate School of Education

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