Corrections Policy: Can States Cut Costs and Still Curb Crime?

fis19_240x240Wisconsin legislators are concerned about growth in state spending on corrections. In the past six years, the Badger state has seen its corrections budget grow from $1.3 billion in the 1998-99 session to nearly $2 billion in the budget adopted for 2004-05: an increase of almost 45%. Since 1990, Wisconsin’s inmate population has risen more than 30%. This seminar features the latest research on what states are doing to curb rising corrections costs while protecting public safety. Also learn about how to maximize scarce state dollars through effective sentencing and corrections intervention programs.

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Sentencing Policy in Tough Budget Times: What Are States Doing?

by Daniel Wilhelm
Director of the State Sentencing and Corrections Program, Vera Institute of Justice

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Using Taxpayer Dollars Wisely: The Costs and Benefits of Incarceration and Other Crime Control Policies

by Steve Aos
Associate Director, Washington State Institute for Public Policy

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Promoting Safety Through Effective Correctional Interventions: What Works and What Doesn’t?

by Edward Latessa
Professor and Head of the Division of Criminal Justice, University of Cincinnati

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