Rising Health Care Costs: Employer Purchasing Pools and Other Policy Options

fis18_240x240In the past year, national health care spending per capita grew by 10%, the first double-digit increase in more than a decade. In Wisconsin, health benefit costs for employers rose 14.8% this year, while general inflation rose by only 2%. Wisconsin citizens’ employee health care costs are $6,940 per employee, 20% higher than the notational average for workers in businesses with 500 or more employees. This seminar features he latest research on why health care costs are rising so rapidly and what policy options are available to state policymakers. Learn how employer purchasing pools may help to soften the impact on small businesses and increase options for extending benefits to more workers and their families.

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Health Care Cost Growth: Trends, Sources, Strategies and Feedback Loops

by Len Nichols
Vice President, Center for Studying Health System Change

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Wisconsin’s Small Employer Pool: Issues and Options

by Rick Curtis
President, Institute for Health Policy Solutions

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PacAdvantage, California’s Small Business Purchasing Pool: Lessons Learned

by John Grgurina
Executive Director, Pacific Health Advantage

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