Early Childhood Care and Education: What Are States Doing?

fis17_240x240In recent polls, Americans believe parents are primarily responsible for child rearing. Yet Americans also believe that government should support parents in raising the next generation, and in ensuring that child care is of high quality, healthy, and educational. This seminar features the latest research on whether quality of child care matters. Also learn about what steps Wisconsin and other states have taken to improve the quality of early childhood care and education, while still recognizing the primary role of parents.

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Wisconsin’s Investments in Access and Quality of Child Care

by David Riley
Professor of Human Development & Family Studies and Extension Child Development Specialist, University of Wisconsin-Madison/Extension

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State Efforts to Improve Early Care and Education

by Helene Stebbins
Program Director, National Governors Association

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State Efforts to Coordinate Early Care and Education

by Bina Patel
Policy Associate, National Conference of State Legislatures

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Smart Start: Implications for Public Policy

by Karen Ponder
Executive Director, North Carolina Partnership for Children, Smart Start

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