Teenage Pregnancy Prevention: Programs that Work

fis07_240x240About 1 out of 10 teenage girls in Wisconsin is estimated to become regnant each year. Due to the personal, family, and public costs of teenage childbearing, preventing unintended pregnancies has generated broad political support. Yet few issues have been as divisive among politicians, school board members, and the public as how to prevent teen pregnancy. This seminar reviews the incidence of teen pregnancies in Wisconsin. Two of the country’s most successful teen pregnancy prevention programs are featured. These programs have been published in leading scientific journals and recognized nationally. Since many previous efforts have focused almost exclusively on females, implications are given regarding the importance of involving males as well as the families of teenagers.

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Teen Pregnancy in Wisconsin

by Robert Young
Family Demographics Specialist, University of Wisconsin-Extension

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Helping Teenagers Postpone Sexual Involvement

by Marion Howard
Professor of OBGYN, Emory University and Clinical Director of the Teen Services Program, Grady Memorial Hospital, Atlanta, Georgia

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Comprehensive School/Community Collaborations to Reduce Teen Pregnancies

by Murray Vincent
Professor at the School of Public Health, University of South Carolina

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Bringing Males into the Picture

by Dave Pate, Jr.
Senior Consultant for the Center on Fathers, Families and Public Policy and Former Director, Male Adolescent Center, Chicago, Illinois

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