Can Government Promote Competent Parenting?

fis03_240x240Citizens across Wisconsin perceive an array of societal ills, in areas ranging from school achievement to societal violence to issues of character and values, and see these as having a common contributing factor: ineffective parenting. But do we know what competent parenting is? To a surprising extent, researchers can agree.

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Some Principles For Designing Effective Parenting Education/Support Programs

by Dave Riley
Professor of Child & Family Studies, University of Wisconsin-Extension

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How Can We Apply What We Know About Competent Parenting?

by Jude Morse
Executive Director, Children’s Trust Fund

How Does a Milwaukee Family Resource Center Promote Competent Parenting?

by Sally Lundeen
Director of the UW-Milwaukee Silver Spring Community Nursing Center, Family Resource Center

chapterReport Chapter (pdf)

What Do We Know About the Effectiveness of Programs and Policies to Support Parents?

by Heather Weiss
Director of the Harvard Family Research Project and Senior Research Associate and Lecturer, Harvard Graduate School of Education

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